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New and expecting moms will need sleep, nutrition and as much stress relief as possible — things she won’t typically get on her own.
Nurturing and knowledgeable, our Registered Postpartum Support Workers (PSW) provide practical in-home support starting with:
1.   New born care – bottle feeding, establishing sleep routine, bathing, special needs
2.  Mother Care – Light meals, C-Section wound care, lactation support and education and Respite, so moms can sleep or attend to self care
3. Household chores – light cooking, cleaning, laundry and running errands
While most parents require in home support immediately after childbirth, some may choose to delay services a week or two, when partner, family and friends return to their regular routine.
To ensure you and your baby are getting all the nutrition you need, a meal delivery plan might be your best option.
Meals are prepared by Chef-Dieticians associated with local Ontario culinary schools. Using all-natural hormone and GMO free ingredients, chefs delight in creating locally sourced dishes tailored to the nutritional needs of the nursing and recovering postnatal body.
Weekly menu’s are themed by dishes such as: seafood, lamb, beef, chicken and pork. Vegetarian meals are available, as well as a wide assortment of soups and desserts.
Healthy meals delivered to your door. Items arrive par-cooked & frozen for enjoyment at your convenience. No prep. No clean-up.
Registered Psychotherapist are available to council individuals and couples, providing participants techniques to help cope with anxities and depressive moods often accompanying fertility challenges as well as the prenatal and postnatal periods.
Sessions can take place one-on-one or in a group setting.
By exploring the importance of maternal wellness and providing self directed coping techniques for understanding and fending off maternal mood distress, these workshop gifts new and soon-to-be parents, important tools necessary to ride the course of the often unpredictable storms of a mood disorder.

Transition seamlessly to new parenthood