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Frequently Asked Questions


Postnatal Support

Costs are calculated at an hourly rate, accordingly:


  • Single Birth Day Service – $25
  • Single Birth Over-night Service – $30
  • Multiple births Day service – 30
  • Multiple births Over-night – $35

Our staff require approximately 7 days to process requests. If a spot becomes available sooner, a care manager will be in contact.

Mother’s Assistants aka Postnatal Support Worker have graduated from an accredited college or university program which allows them to provide non medical evidence based educational, emotional and physical support to expecting and new moms. They have years of experience caring for singletons, multiples and premies from birth and beyond year one. We hire Mid-wives, Maternal Personal Support Workers and Nurses.

Each assistant has annual police background checks as well as infant CPR & First Aid training. For the safety and well being of mother and baby, we also ensure immunizations are kept up to date including tuberculosis and flu shots.

Once family has determined how many service hours they will require payments are calculated by dividing cost of said hours by the remaining term of pregnancy at time of application + weeks of service.

Service duration is very flexible. We cater each families needs and budget.

Some parents reserve a mother’s assistant for 1 week and others 6 months to a year.

We recommend as soon as possible especially if you plan to enroll in a pre-paid in home care plan

Yes, we make every effort to accommodate last minute request however they are based on upon availability.

Mother’s Assistants are trained to provide evidence based educational, emotional and physical support appropriate to the individual needs of each mother/child as well as:

  • Light housekeeping and meal preparation during their shift
  • Supportive care for newborns up to the age of 2 years – bathing, bottle feeding, soothing and establishing sleep routine
  • Respite (short period of childminding) so mother can attend to self care outside the home
  • Accompany mom-newborn to postpartum doctor or mid-wife visits and visits to paediatrician.
  • May perform non-invasive, clinical tasks such as blood pressure monitoring and G-tube feeding while under the supervision of the parent.
  • Soothe symptoms of colic and acid reflux (GERD) in newborns
  • Offers non-judgmental, unbiased support for the families
  • Provides continuous support for their new mom and baby

While your PSW is qualified to perform a wide assortment of tasks, they CANNOT however do the following:

  • Act on your behalf in any capacity
  • Provide daycare services
  • Provide transportation services to families
  • Offer medical advice or provide medical services.

We currently service the majority of the Greater Toronto Area.

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Each visit must be at least 4 hours long.

Meal Delivery Service

Takes a huge strain off new moms struggling to maintain a newborns nutritional health as well as her own and other family members.

To ensure you and your baby are getting all the nutrition you need, a meal delivery plan might be your best option.

  • Increased stamina and energy levels
  • Decreased irritability
  • Quicker muscle recovery after pregnancy
  • Sharpened mental reflexes

Chef-Dieticians have honed their amazing talents at respected culinary arts schools throughout the GTA. Each week they prepare, with verve, a variety of meals in pristine commercial kitchens under the watchful eye of top chef mentors.

Menus are updated weekly and are themed either by origin (Italian, Greek, Jamaican) or ingredients (seafood, lamb, beef, chicken and pork).

Once you have signed up for the meal plan, you will automatically receive a weekly link to the meal order page where you can select the dishes you like and the quantity.

Visit the Menu page to view updates for the following week.

To keep things simple, and to lower chance of errors, we do not make any changes to any of the carefully crafted meals. Specific ingredients cannot be removed from the preparation of any meal as it may change the quality and integrity of it.

Items arrive par-cooked & frozen in microwaveable containers for enjoyment at your convenience. They can be heated for 1-2 minutes, depending on your microwave power.

For best results, it is recommended that you heat your food on the stove top or in the oven. Simply transfer your food to a pot, wok or an oven safe tray.

We currently service the majority of the Greater Toronto Area.

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Meal plans are delivered on Saturday and Sunday. The deadline to submit orders is Wednesday 11:59PM EST for all meal plans. As soon as this deadline passes, we update our menu online for the following week.

For best food safety, we strongly advise you arrange for someone to receive your meals upon delivery.

If you’re not home, our driver will do their best to leave the package in a discreet as possible spot by the door.

You may opt also to leave a cooler in an accessible area for the driver to deposit the meals upon delivery. Please indicate this via email us or in your Order Notes at time of sign up.

If you live in an unattended secure condo or apartment building, have a locked gate, or if there is otherwise any other circumstance impeding the driver’s ability to access your doorway, we will not leave the package, and you will need to contact Customer Service to see if arrangements can be made.

If we are unable to attempt another delivery within the same delivery period, that delivery will be considered forfeit and will not be reimbursed. If you know of any problems that may impede delivery ahead of time, we recommend you contact Customer Service as early as possible to help ensure that we can schedule a delivery for you smoothly.

As you establish a rhythm a few months or so after giving birth, you may find you and your family are no longer in need of a meal delivery service.

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