The Importance of Maternal Social Support

Motherhood is an experience meant to be shared with friends and family. Yet, many of us wind up feeling lonely and isolated because we have no one to turn to for support, advise or simple companionship.

Living in a new city or country away from your family and friends takes some adjusting to. Having a partner, mother or close friend who is not as available and supportive as you need them to be, can leave you feeling  teary, uncared for and just plain angry.

One of the most important predictors of whether a mother develops maternal anxiety or depression is the lack of social support.


Types of Maternal Social Support


Practical – Help with meals, laundry, money, care of other children.

Emotional – Encouragement , affectionate, approval, feelings of togetherness

Informational – Sharing information, finding new information, helping to solve problems

Spiritual  Prayers, Songs, Meditation, yoga

When your mood is low and you’re overcome with worry, you may not recognize that help is needed so it’s best that all mothers have these systems in place sooner rather than later.

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