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We are always screening and hiring new Early Childhood Educators and welcome future or existing participating families to meet and mingle with them. Parents have the option of reviewing a care provider’s biography and photo and securing them immediately however some may need that added one on one interaction for peace of mind.

For 50 Fact Finding Minutes unwind, and get to know your potentially new ECE child care provider at one of our monthly mixers. Parents will be able to meet available ECE’s from your neighbourhood and interview them. The events allow the Care Providers to answer some of the most important questions parents ask themselves: How will the caregiver deal with separation anxiety? Are they trustworthy? Do I like them?…Does my child?

These fun-filled events immediately take some of the anxiety out of leaving your child with a new Care Provider for the first time. Families are encouraged to attend and interact with each Care Provider in attendance and observe how your child responds to them.

Can’t make it out to an event?

We’ll do the leg work for you.

All you have to do is make an appointment to visit our office in person and interview 3 pre-selected caregivers of your choice. BOOK HERE.