Mothereaze Maternal Mental Health and Wellness  is a team comprised of diverse experts who have pooled our resources to deliver in-home postpartum care, maternal mental health screening clinics and workshops.


Our empathetic team:


Psychotherapist and Facilitator

Our psychotherapist councils individuals and families, providing them techniques to help cope with anxities and depressive moods often accompanying fertility challenges and the perinatal period. Sessions can take place one-on-one or in a group setting.

Researcher and Part-time Facilitator

Devoted to reducing the impacts of emotional and mental health stresses in the fertility, pregnancy and postpartum periods, our facilitator utilizes extensive research on cognitive behavioural techniques, best practice and in class demonstrations to deliver content enriched workshops.

Certified Postpartum Support Carers

Nurturing and knowledgeable, our team comprised of mid-wives, nurses & PSW’s work mindfully to prevent potential postpartum depression resuling from sleep deprivation and lack of support. By performing various non-medical tasks such as establishing baby sleep routine, cooking and cleaning, mother and baby are cared for within the comfort of home.

Fitness and Relaxation Specialist and Facilitator

Versed in all the great yoga techniques, our specialist combines her 20 plus years of experience with compassion. The approach is simple: teach the physical while explaining the biological. Parents are taught to practice an openness, curiosity, gentleness and kindness towards oneself and their abilities.


Using in class demonstrations, our nutritionist provides the right balance to assist pre-fertile, pregnant and postpartum mothers  chart a healthy pregnancy and foetal development. Parents learn ways to use healthy eating to improve weight management, fertility and maternal nutrition, diabetes management and energy.